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Hunger Games

I received the text on Thursday morning around 11 a.m.; it said “Hunger Games. Tonight.”  In reality that’s all I needed to make my day worthwhile. The first movie (having not read the books) was one of the most intriguing storylines I’ve been entranced with in quite some time. To me Hunger Games as a trilogy is very similar to the mystic, wizardly, imaginative schematic that is Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I always enjoyed those movies, the novels, simply the stories that were so deeply rooted with characters and lives that mended together to create something impeccable.

So as I watched the first one begin, play out, and end I knew I would be seeing the second one as soon as it came out, and that happened to be on the midnight release. The environment for a big movie release is always fun and energetic and thus I like going to those more than a matinee regardless of the price difference…it’s worth it! Catching Fire did not disappoint. It kept you on the edge of your seat until right as you asked for more it all abruptly ended; genius! I won’t spoil it for the soon to be viewers out there, but what I will do is recommend, request, even require you all to go see it whether with a loved one or a stranger from Starbucks because it’s purely that good.