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Swings and Things

Although the title may invite you to visualize an amusement park from your childhood, it actually offers a different view of getting back into the "swing of things" as many say. After a dreadful week of power outages, the cancellation of post season sports for this academic year, and dramatically gloomy weather, this week is where us college students, far removed from any recent amusement park visits, get back into classes, frantically striving to catch up and push towards the end of the semester.

I personally was affected by all three of the factors that attributed to making the past week one of the worst I've had here. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how the faculty, students, and community pulled together around campus, to show their support of us athletes in a time of need. That togetherness I felt was simply one more reason I found solidification in my choice to come here just over a year and a half ago. I questioned myself, over the weekend, if any other schools would react the way we did here, if they would band together like a game of Red Rover and take the issue head on...who really knows?

Regardless it was a hard week, but now things around here are back to normal for the most part, as students scurry to class in pajama pants still feeling the affects from a hangover of bad weather. Hopefully those students feel the way I do about campus now, and continue to show their support of our programs throughout the rest of the year. There are some great stories and updates on our athletics website, as basketball and wrestling season get into full affect. I'll be out there supporting, maybe obnoxiously, maybe subtly, however I'll be there, and I hope to see some of you readers there too. YJ4l ya'll, take care!