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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Social Media Exile

It seems that we all live in a generation where being connected to everybody, everywhere, every second is the only way to live. For me, that’s completely ridiculous. It bothers me to see friends addicted to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram when there are other people in the room either trying to carry a conversation or just enjoy company. I rarely take my phone with me unless I’m listening to music or expecting a phone call. It’s more important to me to be aware and active in interpersonal relationships where actual face to face conversation takes place than it is to read what some shallow celebrity tweeted at 5 o’clock.

Therefore, I decided to exile myself from social media this fall. I’m not tweeting, I haven’t used Instagram in months, and I completely deleted my Facebook account because it just wasn’t worth it anymore. In the real world your job interview is done in person, not through a touch screen scrolling multiple choice questions to you. So you may think I’m cynical or simply ridiculous in my theory but don’t push it off until you try it. Try to stay away from social media, see if it helps you regain focus on relationships close to you, or at school, or just in life. A lot of times we just need to step back and take a moment to recollect and disconnect. I’ve been doing it for over a month and it’s changed the way I look at a variety of things from friends to world issues to what’s really important and I suggest you do the same because what’s important often isn’t right in front of you it what’s actually around you.