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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

A weekend in Erie

This weekend the Men’s Soccer team traveled to Erie, Pennsylvania to take part in the Herb Lauffer Annual Tournament held at Penn State Behrand University. The weather was warm but the breeze carried brisk air, the turf was new and well groomed, and the smell of soccer season was in the air as the team took the field on Friday evening against Fredonia State of New York. As the action concluded 1-1 in regulation, free soccer was on the horizon for the fans in attendance. With only 8 seconds left in the first overtime however, the free soccer was over as Aaron Harden of BW dribbled three defenders to dish a sitter (easy goal) to Mike Brennan and in no time the entire team was storming the field in an ecstatic celebration.

As a member of the team it was an incredible feeling to win  game at the wire, something all sports fans watch for and what all athletes play for. That ride home, the night in the hotel, and the breakfast the following morning were all experienced on the high from the previous win. It’s moments like these that make me realize why I came here to BW. I needed to play soccer; the game I love, and now I’m playing with guys that I met two years ago or less, all of whom I consider my brothers, and each victory changes the landscape of the team from a group of college soccer players to a family. Although we lost the championship game 1-0 to Penn State Behrand in a very gritty and hard-nosed game, we knew we played good soccer to open the season and building on this success means much more in the future.