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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Summer Employment

I’ve recently been offered a position as a bank teller at Third Federal Bank which is rather exciting. They offer a great summer employment program for college students to come in, get training, and work as bank tellers while the permanent associates go on vacation, take leave, and so forth. Now this will be quite a drastic change for me as I’ve spent the last three summers as a warehouse worker at EMCO Electrical LLC. in Strongsville Ohio. I’ve worked my way up from warehouse boy to manager and most recently supervisor for that company and the work is grueling, but don’t get me wrong I enjoy hard labor. Getting dirty, sweating a bit, and working around machinery and equipment was actually quite fulfilling and it gave me a sense of autonomy at my job. However, I will admit I won’t mind sitting in air conditioning for the same amount of hours and doing a little less labor. This change of employment comes as a result of recent shoulder surgery to repair a torn tendon which restrains me from picking up any heavy objects for nearly 2 more months. The job at Third Federal has come as a great surprise and the commitment they make for a short time is astounding. I can’t wait to begin my training in early May and begin work as a teller, mostly because of the air conditioning. All positions for this year are taken; however, I’ve provided a link for readers who are interested in such summer employment for the 2014 year. All the best!