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The Madness

As a sports fan, how could you not sit on your couch for a ridiculous amount of hours and watch every possible game of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament that airs on national television for three straight weeks? Don't look for an answer cuz there isn't one. You need to watch these games! The madness is incredible even though my bracket is truly busted, crumpled, and was prematurely, yet properly, arched into my trash can the way Kobe Bryant would do it. The upsets we expected didn't happen (Iona over OSU), the upsets nobody expected did (i.e Florida Gulf Coast), and the Final Four now has only one #1 seed in it, that being Louisville who's guard Kevin Ware just became an overnight celebrity for suffering the compound fracture that caused most of us to rush to the nearest bathroom and regurgetate our Easter dinners. Clearly this year was expected to be crazy, but not this crazy. I had Syracuse in my last four if that even counts for anything, hopefully your bracket looks a little better than that. At this point I can't wait for the next weekend, I need these games, I need to study them, analyze them, and cheer for the underdog at every turn. It's what being a true sports fan is all about. Of course I have a few favorites like Duke and Ohio State but when it comes down to it I watch for the love of the game. Its weeks like these that make me choose the sports broadcasting career I have, and I couldn't be happier. I mean I can't even turn off Sportscenter even though I watched every highlight 10+ times. So if your a sports fan, if you love it as much as me, watch the Final Four Saturday, don't miss Opening Day for those beloved Indians, and just pray for the Browns. Please for all of us, pray for the Browns.