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Today, on the brisk psalm Sunday that many catholics celebrate, my family and I took the 20 minute drive downtown to watch the local Arena Football team, The Cleveland Gladiators, play their home opener at Quicken Loans Arena. Going to a school so close in proximity to downtown Cleveland is truly an unquantified commodity to have. I'm less than a half hour from and Indians, Browns, Cavaliers, or Gladiators game, and it's so easy to root for teams that have such amazing fans. Many of us grew up here, however I have many friends from out of state or out of town (southern Ohio) that have gained an unparalleled appreciation for the fans, the city, and obviously the teams here in Cleveland. As many know, Baldwin Wallace has a very close relationship with the Cleveland Browns and the Sports Management department often sends a large amount of their students to internships for not only the Browns, but the other teams and their sister teams in the minor leagues as well. Many of those living in my dorm, or sharing classes with me talk about how excited they are to start a new internship, job, or network with individuals at all of these local organizations and to say the least I'm often jealous. I grew up watching, loving, and BELIEVING in these teams from the day I was old enough to understand what it felt like to be involved with "the curse". However, the curse is not important, what is important is the incredible programs, opportunities, and relationships that can be built here at BW and I'm definitely impressed by the way our administration, students, and faculty work together to make dreams come true. I love Cleveland, but I call it Believeland.