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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Philosophy at Baldwin Wallace

I've found a new path that I've decided to follow here at Baldwin Wallace, and I think that's the point. I came here in hopes to leave much more versed in various topics than when I arrived. Unusually, when I enrolled I had already decided my major and where I wanted to take my career in Broadcasting and Mass Communications, however, I hadn't confirmed a minor. Now, I've declared not one, but two minors: Philosophy and English Writing. English writing will be used for my work as a sports columnist before I gain experience in anchor work and TV broadcasts, but the Philosophy aspect came to me just this semester. I enrolled in a Philosophy of Human Nature course that seemed interesting while also filling a requirement. Little did I know, I truly enjoy intellectual conversation and deep thought about the workings of life in general, therefore after the first week of class meetings I decided I would double minor in something I found exhilarating. Its something like this, a real life example that shows how incredible college can be for anybody, especially here at BW. There are so many classes, so many professors, and most importantly so many opportunities to become exactly what you want to be and I've slowly found myself connecting to this school more so than I was even to my high school in the city I was born and raised. I can spread my wings here and do whatever I want, and I highly encourage everybody else to as well. A wise man once told me, "If your not doing something you love your doing nothing." That sits with me to this day, and I also encourage every reader to go look at the page for majors and minors on the BW website, explore and discover something that will hopefully change your life. Here's a link to the tab I visited that could help you too. Just try not to end up like this guy