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Bringing Home the Mock Bacon!

One thing you’ll hear me constantly talking about is Mock Trial. And today is no exception.

The Mock Trial team had our first competition this past weekend at the College of Law at the University of Cincinnati.

If you don’t know what Mock Trial is, it’s basically this really cool awesome thing where we get a fictionalized court case (usually based on a real case) and we prepare opening statements, closing arguments, and direct and cross examinations. Then we take the case that we develop and compete against other schools from across the country. Here’s a link to our Facebook page if you want to look at some pictures or info.

The case we have this year is Allen v. Neptune Underwater Expeditions, and it’s basically about a spouse suing a scuba diving company because their partner died during one of their dives. Juicy stuff.

We did fairly well as a team, especially since it was the first of the year. I’m glad to say that I won my third outstanding attorney award and brought home a little something for BW to be proud of.


I look forward to bringing back a bunch more throughout the year!