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Planning for My Last Semester.

It’s been done. The last time that I ever have to register for classes has passed. It’s kind of depressing but kind of awesome at the same time.

I only have two full semester classes and a minimester class for the Spring. For those of you who don’t know, a minimester class is a class that just lasts for half of the semester. It is going to be wonderful! But I also have my wonderful Honors Thesis, which is going to be a blast. And I’m not being sarcastic, either.

I’m working with one of the Political Science professors to see how legal pop culture (think Boston Legal, John Grisham, and CSI) influence how people perceive the legal profession. So I basically get to read a bunch of legal thrillers and watch court dramas for research. Exciting? You betchya.

Registration is generally a busy time for most students, since you’re trying to plan everything out for the next semester and stay on track for graduation. To help out with that, BW has something called the Grad Plan (the office of Academic Advising takes care of that) to help us stay on track. My Grad Plan is now empty, but as a new student, yours will soon be full!