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The End is Near!

Well, everyone, it’s the end of yet another school year! I can’t believe that my third year of college is coming to a close so quickly. Time is passing by fast, and there’s still a little bit to do before I get out of here.

I have an 8 – 10 page paper to complete, a take home essay project, and 3 final exams to complete before I’m officially done. But that’s it! No more reading, just studying and writing. It’s so weird once you get down to the end.

But in addition to the stress of finals, the Women’s Golf Team has our OAC Championship Tournament this weekend, too. So I will be trying to win a shot at nationals in addition to studying for my finals. I hope that everything goes well. Good luck to my fellow students with finals, and Go Jackets!

P.S. We won our last golf tournament by 41 strokes. Here is a picture of our victory. Lol.