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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Drop It In the Box

If you haven’t heard about Dropbox, I suggest you go look it up. It’s a great tool that anyone can take advantage of – because it’s free! Everyone loves free stuff, right?

Basically, instead of carrying around a flash drive or dealing with constantly uploading files to Google docs, you just work on your files at home and they get automatically uploaded and saved on the Cloud. You just download the software to your laptop and Dropbox takes care of the rest.

Because I float around from computer to computer, I like having Dropbox as a tool to constantly work on my school work without having to keep my laptop or a flash drive on me at all times. I just log into my account online, and VOILA! All my files are organized and updated just like on my computer at home.

Another awesome thing is that they have an app for iPad and the iPhone, so when I’m really on the run and have just my iPad, I can work on stuff from there and everything will be saved.

So, basically, get Dropbox. It’s cool and free.