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Internship Search Time

Even though the spring semester just started, I’m already looking forward to the summer. I’m trying to get an internship over the summer and BW’s resources have really been serving me well.

Basically, an internship is basically a way to get your feet wet in a certain area. This is good for students who don’t exactly know what they want to do – you get hands on experience as to what the job is actually like.

 Many businesses around the Cleveland area look to BW for students that are willing to come work either during the school year or over the summer. Some internships are paid, some unpaid, and you can even get class credit for getting an internship.

BW has an entire website dedicated to internships that you can access and see some available internships in the area. I used this website, and I actually have an interview on Tuesday with a company in Parma for a paid internship over the summer. I’m excited and nervous and I hope I get the job!