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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Alumni Spotlights

Brittan Davis

student photo
  1. Class Year


  2. Degree

    Bachelor of Science

  3. Major


  4. Minor

    Diversity Studies

  5. Hometown

    Poland, OH

  6. Biography

    My time at BW was spent balancing my differing, yet sometimes complimentary loves of, athletics, activism, studies, student organizations, research, and on-campus and community service.

    I was on the BW women's soccer team, I served on the executive board of Allies, I was the founder of POWRE and served on the executive board, I was involved in Psych Club and SAAC and I took part in BW's Project Affinity, which is part of of the Office of Community Outreach.

    During my 3rd year summer, I participated in Project Affinity and, therefore, had the opportunity to hold two internships at local non-profits (Recovery Resources and Ohio Citizen Action) and to give back to the community through Habitat for Humanity.

    One week after commencement, I started working at an Alcohol and Drug Intensive Outpatient treatment center for women (The Women's Center of Greater Cleveland) as a case manager. That fall, I started my Master's degree in Community Agency Counseling at Cleveland State. For two years, I balanced working full-time at the Women's Center of Greater Cleveland and going to school full-time for my Master's Degree. In my third year of my Master's program, I fulfilled my internship requirement at John Carroll University's Counseling Center. I graduated May of 2011 with a Master's in Education in Community Agency Counseling and I am now a licensed Professional Counselor.

    This coming fall, I will start my Ph.D. work at Cleveland State University in Counseling Psychology and I have recently been granted a graduate assistantship in CSU's Counseling Center. Additionally, I plan on working with Warrensville School District, through a private practice, where I will conduct groups and individual counseling for high school students.

Questions and answers

What is your favorite thing about BW?

It is hard to name one single thing that I liked best about BW. I loved the close-knit network of friendships that I enjoyed throughout my four years at BW, I appreciated the ability to work closely with faculty, and I liked the plethora of opportunities that BW grants students to get involved. BW is a place that I will never forget and it holds a special place in my heart.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

For me, the most crucial component of a liberal arts education is being able to expand on one's cultural experiences through the arts, through differing organizations, through service, and through educational opportunities. Therefore, I feel that it is important for students to enter BW with an open mind; ready to think critically and to discover their own values and identities. This is not to mean that one should blindly accept everything that is discussed or experienced, but to at least formulate their own rationale as to why they disagree with what is said or why they were unable to enjoy any given experience.

How did BW help you prepare for life after college?

BW prepared me tremendously for my life after undergraduate. I feel that in working on my Master's degree, I was more often than not a couple steps ahead in my studies due to the solid foundation I built academically while at BW. Additionally, I was able to expand my cultural experiences and worldview while at BW, which has helped me to further my deep love for multicultural psychology as well as granting me the ability to think critically about real life issues.

What would you have changed about your undergraduate experience?

I have no regrets when it comes to my undergraduate experience at BW. However, if I had to answer the question pertaining to what I would I have changed, I guess I would say that I would have liked to study abroad for a semester. I feel that everything at BW played out the way that it was meant to, therefore, I cannot say with absolute certainty that studying abroad would have made my experience at BW better. Nevertheless, I feel that expanding one's mind and worldview, whether it is done through a semester abroad or through stepping out of one's cultural comfort zone on campus is a vital component of a liberal arts education.