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Candidates for the LHE program come from a variety of backgrounds, demonstrate a capacity and commitment to transformative leadership, and share the common value to make a difference for college students from all walks of life. 

Some students enter the program directly out of college and others have worked as higher education professionals for a number of years. Many factors are considered in the admission decision, including academic preparation, demonstrated leadership, personal and professional attainment, community outreach, school involvement, and evidence of personal growth. 

All application materials should be submitted to:
     Admission Office
     Baldwin Wallace University
     275 Eastland Road
     Berea OH 44017
     Fax 440-826-2054.

The Admission Committee will review your application file once all materials have been received.  Admission to the program is dependent on approval by the Admission Committee and confirmation of an approved internship by the LHE Program Director.  

Required Application Materials

Apply online to the LHE program.  There is no application fee for online applications. 

College/University Transcripts

  • Official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended must be mailed directly to the BW Admission Office. Strong candidates will have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above with 3.0 in the major. The Admission Committee may request that candidates take the Miller's Analogies Test and submit official results if a particularly strong candidate has a qualifying GPA less than 2.75.

Statement of Personal Goals, Professional Objectives and Internship Interests

  • Full-time and Part-time candidates:  in a written statement, briefly explain how your personal goals and professional objectives will be met by pursuing graduate study in Leadership in Higher Education. This statement should be single spaced and not more than one page.  Full-time candidates:  view the LHE internship descriptions and on a second page, list the top four internships that closely match your interests and qualifications.  Submit to the Office of Admission, or email directly to


  • As part of the selection process, please submit a current resume or summary of your work history.  Include your community/school leadership and involvement. If you are currently employed, be sure that your resume includes your current title and general position responsibilities, and the division or department in which you are employed.  The following should also be listed: undergraduate organization memberships and leadership positions, and campus work positions, along with your responsibilities and accomplishments in both of these areas.


  • Using the recommendation form, please provide two recommendations from people qualified to evaluate your background and potential for success in a program of graduate study. Recommendations may come from former faculty members, college/university administrators, job/professional supervisors, or community leaders with whom you have worked. Select someone you know personally who is familiar with your achievements and goals in terms of leadership, motivation and dependability, potential for growth, communication skills, character and integrity.   When possible, the recommendations should come from someone who has worked with you in a college environment.  For recommenders who choose to write a letter, be sure to include this form wih the letter.

Internship Approval

  • Full-time candidates:  Full-time LHE candidates will be invited to interview for a Baldwin Wallace University internship during the spring, following review by the Admission Committee of all application materials. An internship approved by the LHE program director is required for admission to the LHE program.
  • Part-time candidates: Submit the Initial Internship Proposal Form along with a current job description. The Initial Internship Proposal indicates that the applicant and the applicant's supervisor cooperatively created the proposal as well as understand the criteria and considerations for the internship. An Initial Internship Proposal approved by the LHE program director is required for admission to the program.

Meet with an Admission Counselor

  • An interview with a member of the Admission Committee is not a requirement, but recommended for any candidate who wants the opportunity to talk more in depth about the program. To schedule an appointment with an admission counselor, call 440-826-2091 or email to request an interview. 





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