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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College
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We offer many types of financial support to BW students. A typical financial aid award consists of a combination of gift assistance and education financing options.

Gift Assistance:

Scholarships and Awards

Baldwin Wallace Scholarships and Awards recognize academic achievement, leadership, community involvement and service.  Students do not have to repay BW for receiving scholarships and awards. 


A variety of Federal, State, and BW Grants are available to eligible students, based on FAFSA results.  Since these monies represent gift assistance, students do not repay these awards. 

Education Financing Options:

Financing products, designed specifically for education costs, provide students and their families low interest loans that offer unique borrower benefits.  Whether the student or parent is interested in borrowing, we offer many programs from which to choose - including:

Student Loans - low interest federally -sponsored loans, such as  Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loans Perkins Loans , PLUS Loans and private (consumer) loans, such as Private Education Loans.

Student Employment

Student Employment offers students the opportunity to work on campus and earn money, which can be used directly towards your college costs.  Starting the fourth week of the semester, non-work study students may also work on campus.

BW Payment Options:

Option 1: Pay Charges Up Front

Option 2: BW's Educational Payment Program

Option 3: PLUS or Private Education Loans

Please contact BW's Cashier's Office at 440-826-2217 for details on BW Payment Options.

Independent 529 Plan

This plan allows investors to save money in a special, tax-deferred account, to be used for undergraduate tuition and fees.  Including BW, there are currently 16 Ohio colleges and universities which are members of the Independent 529 Plan.