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Admitted Student Overnight Visits


Admitted Students Overnight Visits

April 16   

Once a month, students at BW participate in Night On The Town (NOTT), which takes students to various events in greater Cleveland.  From Cavalier games to Broadway tours, our students experience the pride and excitement of being a Clevelander.   However, it’s not all a social experience.  BW students complete internships, high level research, and perform on a national stage in the greater Cleveland area while enrolled as a student, which prepares them for life beyond graduation and graduate school.

For our overnights, we are bringing NOTT to you!  You’ll begin your evening with a brief tour of downtown Cleveland aboard Lolley the Trolley, get to know your future classmates while bowling at Corner Alley, and cap the night with our weekly Midnight Madness program back on campus.

You’ll wake-up the next morning ready for class, tour of campus, and meeting with an admission or financial aid counselor.  There’s not a better way to experience BW than with an overnight that highlights a real student experience as you make a final decision for college next fall!


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