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In your heart you always knew you should teach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are required for different teaching areas?

Curriculum Sheets are available online, or you can contact the BW Admission Office at 440-826-8012 to request more information. 

What's the difference between License+Masters and
Licensure Only?

Both programs are for students who have already completed a bachelor's degree and wish to teach.  At BW, we give you a choice of programs, depending on your goals. 

The License+Masters Program combines teacher licensure coursework with a graduate degree in education.  Graduate and undergraduate courses leading to State of Ohio teaching requirements in an approved area (Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescent/Young Adult, Multi-Age or Mild/Moderate Educational Needs).  In addition, students complete the Master of Arts in Education degree with a specialization in one of the following:  Reading, Mild/Moderate Educational Needs, or Educational Technology.  The graduate specialization becomes an additional teaching area (an endorsement or license). 

The Licensure Only Program requires only undergraduate courses to meet State of Ohio requirements for teacher licensure in Early Childhood, Middle Childhood, Adolescent/Young Adult, Multi-Age or Mild/Moderate Educational Needs.   With the Licensure Only Program, students do not complete another bachelor or master's degree, but take the coursework needed to meet State requirements for teacher licensure.  Licensure Only has fewer course requirements than License+Masters.   

What should I anticipate with the application for admission process?

You can apply online or by completing a paper application.  This is a selective application process, requiring that candidates submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended and two recommendations.  In addition, candidates will meet with members of the Admission Committee.  Strong candidates have experience teaching or working with children.   The License+Masters and Licensure Only programs require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 for admission.  Those candidates with a slightly lower GPA (2.60 to 2.75) may still be considered for admission, but may be required to take the Miller's Analogies Test as part of the application process. 

Candidates with a criminal record will not be eligible to complete the teacher licensure programs at Baldwin Wallace University.  The Education Division will not send a student into a school for observation, clinical practice or student teaching if he or she does not have a clear BCI check.

Can I take any education courses in the Adult & Continuing Education Program (evenings and weekends)?

Absolulety!  However, you can't complete your entire degree that way.   BW offers a number of education courses in the Adult & Continuing Education program for adults attending on a part-time basis.  While much of your program can be completed as a part-time student evenings and weekends, you will need to plan at least two or three semesters for day classes (the professional methods/clinical classes and student teaching).  All field experiences must be completed during the day. 

How long will it take me?

The length of time varies depending on what you want to teach and how much coursework applies from your previous college work.  Most teaching areas require 70-100 credit hours of coursework in specific subject areas, so it often takes three years to complete teacher licensure requirements, even if you already have a bachelor's degree.  The good news is many of the courses are available evenings and Saturdays so you can continue to work while attending part-time, and financial aid is available to help with tuition costs.

How do I renew an expired teaching certificate or license?

A teaching certificate or license that has been lapsed for less than five years requires 9 semester credits from an approved teacher education institution like Baldwin Wallace University. 

If a certificate or license has been lapsed for five years or more, renewal is a more extensive process -- 12 semester credits from an approved teacher education institution are required.  In addition, the recommendation of the Dean or Chair of Teacher Education Program is required on the renewal application.

Contact the Office of Admission at evening@bw.edu or call 440-826-8012 to talk with a counselor about courses to take for renewing teaching credentials, and to discuss the application process. 

For more information regarding your individual re-licensure or renewal, check out the Ohio Department of Education Web site.