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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Organizational Leadership Degree

Adult & Continuing Education

Each class is loaded with work-relevant applications, as BW's highly respected faculty delivers expertise in theory and practical workplace experience.

The B.A. in Organizational Leadership is available on campus in Berea and Online.  Some classes are also offered at BW East in Beachwood.

BW's Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership provides a multi-disciplinary approach to leadership issues, combining courses from management, leadership and diversity studies, communications, social and behavioral sciences, research and data analysis. 

Develop the essentials for success as a leader in business and nonprofit sectors:

  • Strong management and leadership abilities, understanding how to apply those skills in a variety of workplace cultures

  • Effective and collaborative communication skills that build commitment and engagement with others

  • Ethical decision making that weighs benefits and costs for the organization, its members and constituencies

  • An appreciation for human diversity and how to develop effective teams

  • Skill in analyzing organizational problems to determine how the human impact of leaders and their teams can influence achievement of organizational goals

    Manage conflict resolution, innovation and change


Offered in the Adult & Continuing Education program on the main campus in Berea and online.  Some classes are also offered at BW East in Beachwood, The Organizational Leadership major integrates courses from across disciplines to stimulate both critical and creative thinking.  Topics include: contemporary leadership problems, legal environment, organizational structure and communication, human relations and group dynamics, sociology of work settings, diversity leadership, and data analysis.  Curriculum

Associate to Bachelor's Program (A2B) in Organizational Leadership

Students who have earned an associate's degree from a regionally accredited college or university can finish their bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership in just 21 courses!  Your curriculum is planned for you; you’ll take just a few courses at a time, or attend full-time if that fits your schedule better. A2B in Organizational Leadership

Certificate in Organizational Leadership

This work-relevant Certificate Program in Organizational Leadership includes six college courses focusing on leadership principles. Taken part-time, this certificate can be completed in just 2 or 3 semesters.  All of these courses are also part of the B.A. in Organizational Leadership, and would therefore count toward the bachelor's degree.