Theatre and Dance


Fall 2012

Programs of Study and Philosophy

Theatre Major

  • Acting/Directing Track
  • Design Track (Costume, Scenic or Lighting)
  • Stage Management Track


Interdisciplinary Programs

(combining theatre with other disciplines)


Philosophy - Comprehensive Approach

The theatre major at Baldwin Wallace is a versatile program designed to provide a broad perspective of the literature, history and creative practices of the discipline. Courses prepare students to appreciate and participate in theatre at all levels of performance, production, direction, design and management.

The department's philosophy is that students who have a commitment to any area of theatre need to study all aspects of the discipline, as well as obtaining a solid liberal arts education. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of professional apprenticeship programs around the country and abroad. With this experience in hand, many of our graduates go on to work professionally or enter graduate programs for specialized study.

Course work includes acting, directing, voice and movement training, scenic and costume design, lighting, stage management, theatre history, theatre literature, and special seminars devoted to contemporary topics.

Interdisciplinary Programs

An interdisciplinary program in Music Theatre is available through the BW Conservatory of Music in cooperation with the Department of Theatre and Dance. The Arts Management program gives students the option of combining a major in theatre (or other discipline) with a management program emphasizing business skills.

Theatre Productions

Today the department produces two main stage productions, and a series of One-Acts each semester. Productions include musicals, operas, plays, and a dance concert produced every spring in cooperation with the dance area of Health and Physical Education. Every year the department continues to grow, offering a wide range of required classes and advance seminars in a variety of current topics.

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