Theatre and Dance


Eurydice Father played by
Professor Adam Heffernan
Eurydice played by Hannah-Jo Weisberg

Professor Jeff Herrmann with 2013 grads Eric Lucas and Cavan O'Hara

Faculty and Staff


Gregory Daniels, choreographer & dance with national & international touring experience
Teaching areas: jazz, tap, dance production & performance
Phone: 440-826-3766 Email:

Adam Heffernan, Chair
 M.F.A., University of Tennessee
Teaching areas: acting, voice, Shakespeare
Phone: 440-826-2276  Email: 

Jeff HerrmannM.F.A., Southern Illinois University
Teaching areas: technical theatre, scene design, lighting design, VectorWorks
Phone: 440-826-5913  Email:

Sara Whale, B.F.A., Pacific Northwest College of Arts
Teaching areas: ballet, modern dance, improvisation & choreography
Phone: 440-826-2239  Email: 

Jack B. Winget, Ph.D., Kent State University
Teaching areas: acting, directing, introduction to theatre
Phone: 440-826-2275  Email: 

Charlotte Yetman, M.F.A., New York University
Teaching areas: costume design, collaborative studies, rending, costume construction
Phone: 440-826-2238  Email:

Music Theatre Faculty

Victoria Bussert, Director of Music Theatre program
Teaching area: music theatre for non-majors

Scott Plate, Chair Music Theatre program
Teaching area: script analysis

Nancy Maier, Interim Music Director
Accompanist, music theatre for non-majors

Adjunct Faculty

Aled Davies, M.F.A., University of California, San Diego
Teaching area: Shakespeare
Phone: 440-826-2239 Email:

Mitchell Fields, M.A., Columbia University
Teaching areas: theatre history, creative dramatics, improvisation
Phone: 440-826-2239  Email: 

Martin Friedman, Ph.D., University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
Teaching areas: introduction to theatre, script analysis
Phone: 440-826-2239  Emai:

Fred Gloor, B.A., Kent State University
Teaching area: Improvisation
Phone: 440-826-2239 Email:

Anjanette Hall, M.F.A., Rutgers University-Mason Gross School of the Arts
Teaching areas: introduction to theatre, acting for non-majors, audition techniques
Phone: 440-826-2239  Email:

Rebecca Nicklos, B.F.A. Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts
Teaching areas: ballet, modern

Lisa Ortenzi, M.A., Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts
Teaching area: creative dramatics
Phone: 440-826-2239  Email:

Rachael K. Palermo, M.A., New York University
Teaching areas: dance in America, dance history, ballet

Corrie Purdum, B.A., Baldwin Wallace University
Teaching area: stage management
Phone: 440-826-2239 Email: 

Bob Taylor, MBA, Case Western Reserve University
Teaching areas: theatre seminar in London, theatre management

Dusten Welch, B.A., Ashland University
Teaching area: stage combat


Tesia Benson, Draper
M.F.A.University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Teaching areas:  makeup design
Phone: 440-826-3123 Email:

Melanie Boeman, Costume Shop Manager
B.A. Cleveland State University
Phone: 440-826-3123 Email:

Dylan Fujimura, Technical Director
Teaching areas: stagecraft
Phone: 440-826-3773   Email:

Terrie Grospitch, Office Manager
Phone: 440-826-2239  Email: 


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