Theatre and Dance


The Costume Shop

The Scene Shop


The Department of Theatre and Dance is located in Kleist Center for Art and Drama, an exceptional facility for the study of all aspects of theatre. The center houses two theatres, which opened on October 19, 1972: The John Patrick Theatre, and the William A. Allman Theatre.  Kleist Center is handicapped accessible.

 The John Patrick Theatre is a large 512-seat proscenium theatre. The stage has a 67 foot fly loft with a counterweight system. The stage opening is 44' by 24' with an extended 15 foot apron, ample wings and depth measuring 30 feet.   This facility also boasts a new lighting system installed by ETC.  With over 200 dimmers, lights are operated on an Emphasis board including a WYSIWYG program.  Other recent renovations include all new seats, carpeting, and stage drapes. The scene shop is directly connected to the stage, and there is easy access to dressing rooms and the costume shop. There is prop and costume storage within easy access to the stage and shops. 

The William A. Allman Theatre is a smaller, flexible theatre seating between 100 to 250. This unique studio space is intended to provide a variety of seating arrangements, including proscenium, three-quarter-thrust, and in-the-round. The theatre has a balcony around three sides and a lighting grid 23 feet above the stage floor. This space also boasts a new Strand Century Lighting system with a 520 series light board. The theatre has easy access to the scene and costume shops. 

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