Case Studies from Northeast Ohio

Jill Stephens Fleisher, Editor

Through generous support from the McGregor Fund, Baldwin Wallace University faculty developed integrated case studies on organizations that have become sustainability leaders in Northeast Ohio. Though the writing styles of the cases vary in accordance with each faculty members’ home discipline, the cases represent an interdisciplinary endeavor. Faculty members who authored the cases are from the following disciplines: sociology, political science, biology, philosophy, health and physical education, and business.

BW’s sustainability programs aim to bring knowledge and skills gained from study of disciplines in the liberal arts and sciences to bear on understanding interactions between businesses, governmental bodies and non-profit organizations as they relate to sustainability issues. The cases focus on organizations that have experience building relationships between business, non-profit, and government sectors, and/or that have successfully instituted sustainability practices. As such, the case studies address the following types of components, as appropriate to the organization:

  • A description of the organization, its mission, leadership, challenges and efforts toward sustainability;
  • The challenges of building and maintaining cross-sector collaborative relationships;
  • An analysis of critical junctures in the organization’s sustainability efforts and practices that were decisive in its future directions;
  • Organizational motivations for enhanced sustainability performance;
  • The value of new forms of cross-sectoral collaboration and stakeholder management;
  • The role of a decisive leader in this transformation; and
  • Organizational structures, practices and behaviors important in this shift.

Teaching notes are posted below each corresponding case study. In addition to their use amongst the BW community, we hope that the cases will be utilized by other academic institutions as well as by interested individuals. Cases were composed in 2012 and will be updated periodically until at least 2015.

Please direct any questions or comments about a particular case study to the faculty member who authored the case.

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