Explorations/Study Abroad


Academic Enrichment

Study-away programs are NOT simply sightseeing excursions around the world. Academic rigor and integrity remain at the core of each Explorations program. Some programs, such as the study tours, are designed and led by BW faculty members. Like that of a semester-long, class field trip, these experiences allow students and faculty to travel and learn as a cohesive group. Independent programs, on the other hand, enable students to continue their academic studies at foreign or domestic institutions. Whichever program you choose, it will surely enrich your academic experience by:

  • Fulfilling academic requirements
  • Strengthening critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Increasing your awareness and sensitivity of global issues
  • Providing an international perspective to your academic major
  • Becoming proficient in another language
  • Fostering time management and organization skills

Our Goals

By encouraging, supporting, and advising students to engage in their international experiences, the Explorations/Study Abroad Center at BW cultivates students who are contributing and compassionate citizens of an increasingly global society.

Our Objectives

The Explorations/Study Abroad Center encourages strong communication skills, enhanced critical thinking and reasoning abilities, and the personal confidence gained from trekking the unknown. Off-campus programs offered at BW give our students the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they need to be successful.


  •  Demonstrates knowledge of global issues, processes, trends and systems (i.e., economic and political interdependency among nations; environmental-cultural interaction; global governance bodies).
  •  Understands his/her culture in global and comparative context-that is, recognizes that his/her culture is one of many diverse cultures and that alternate perceptions and behaviors may be based in cultural differences.


  • Uses knowledge, diverse cultural frames of reference, and alternate perspectives to think critically and solve problems.
  • Adapts his/her behavior to interact effectively with those who are different.


  •  Accepts cultural differences and tolerates cultural ambiguity.
  •  Demonstrates an ongoing willingness to seek out international or intercultural opportunities.




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