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For over forty years, the Explorations/Study Abroad Center at Baldwin Wallace University has engaged students through global exploration and off-campus study to enhance their personal growth, educational enrichment, and career development as part of the larger university-wide initiative to cultivate contributing and compassionate citizens.

A donation to our scholarship fund/s is an investment in the lives of our students who in turn are our future. No student ever returns from studying abroad believing that they never should have gone. Most tell us that it was the best decision they've ever made. They often return with more confidence in themselves; they are more adaptable and independent; and they often come back with new knowledge and ideas that further enrich their education.

We invite you to support Baldwin Wallace University in its efforts to educate more students by contributing to either or both of the scholarship funds below. 

The General Scholarship Fund

Students who have studied abroad often tell us that it has been the most profound educational experience they have had as an undergraduate student and our Office would like to provide more opportunities for students who cannot afford to study abroad.

This fund was created to assist any BW degree-seeking undergraduate student choosing to study abroad on an exchange program through Baldwin Wallace. All interested students will have to apply and students that have the highest financial need will be given the highest consideration.

The Ted Harakas Seminar in Europe Fund

Dr. Ted Harakas has been dedicated to the Seminar in Europe program for about 35 years. In honor of his support and dedication to this program, this fund was created to help maintain the Seminar in Europe program by providing scholarships to deserving students to help cover the program’s fees.

For options on ways to give, please visit the BW Giving page and follow the instructions below:

  1. On the right-hand side of the page, you will be given three options to give.
  2. If you select Online, then you will need to select “Other” in the Designation box and write either: “The Study Abroad Scholarship Fund” or “The Ted Harakas Seminar in Europe Fund”.
  3. If you select another option, be sure to specify that you would like your donation to go to “The Study Abroad Scholarship Fund” or “The Ted Harakas Seminar in Europe Fund”.


Thank you for your support!

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