Independent Study - General Requirements

In order to be considered for an Independent Study, the student must generally comply with the following statements:

1.     Have an overall GPA of at least 3.0 at the time of the application.

2.     Have reasonable prior courses as a prerequisite to undertake the proposed Independent Study.  The student must have completed a minimum of 10 credit hours of sociology course work.

3.     Have at least junior-level academic status.

4.     Submit a tentative bibliography of academic works related to the proposed topic; this bibliography must be included in the application for it to be considered.

5.     The application, in completed form, must be submitted to the department chair for departmental approval or disapproval prior to the start of the Independent Study work.

6.     It is not permissible to do an Independent Study in place of a required course.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Office of the Academic Dean.

7.     Students may choose, with the approval of the supervising faculty member, to be graded either on an A-F or S/U basis.  Students must declare their intent in accordance with the registrarís deadline concerning grading options.

8.     In addition to these guidelines, the guidelines established by the College shall also apply.  Students should consult the College Catalog for these general guidelines.


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