Our Sociology Students

Recent graduates from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Baldwin Wallace University are employed in guidance and counseling, sales and management positions, and government agencies as diverse as the welfare department and the CIA. Others have been accepted at the finest graduate schools in the country. Those with master's degrees and doctorates hold research and teaching positions in businesses and at universities, and are licensed social workers and counselors.

Students majoring in Sociology generally select one of four broad career paths:

1. Business positions, often in sales, marketing or human resources departments.  A minor in business is recommended.  Internships can be arranged in a variety of settings.

2. Government agencies and urban planning.  Students electing this career goal should do an Independent Study (preferably using SPSS data analysis) and an internship.

3. Social services in the private sector, including work with children, elderly in nursing homes and community action programs.  Those intending to become social workers should plan for graduate school and professional certification (go to Programs of Study for more information on the Social Work Affiliated Program).  An internship with a public or private agency is recommended.

4.  Professional sociologists teaching at the college/university level or conducting research, or consulting in business and nonprofit organizations.  This career goal requires graduate work, usually to the Ph.D. level.  Students planning graduate work in any area of social science should do an independent study employing quantitative research techniques.

In addition to these career paths, some sociology majors go to law school.  Others take jobs in the criminal justice field or hold management positions in the public or private sector.  For more detailed job descriptions, check out page 7 of the following report from the American Sociological Association:

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