Departmental Highlights

Did You Know?

  • that you can double-major in Sociology and in a variety of other disciplines, including Criminal Justice, Psychology, Business, Economics, and even Biology?

  • that the Department of Sociology has a Professional Networks List that connects you to our graduates who are working in a field that you aspire to get into?

  • that Sociology faculty advisors will help devise a workable Four-Year plan for you so that you can graduate on time?

  • that Sociology faculty engage in research that you can collaborate in and get experience, acquire skills, and enhance your resume?

  • that you can present papers at scholarly conferences with the help of the Sociology faculty?
  • that the Sociology faculty are very active in all spheres of the college and community life, and have won numerous awards?

  • that the Department has a state-of-the-art computer lab where we analyze data and test out hypotheses, in addition to other types of academic exercises?

  • that we have a Sociology/CRJ Club that you can join and engage in activities and take up leadership roles in? 


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