What Our Recent Graduates Are Saying About Us

"My time at BW was extremely unique and somewhat invaluable. I decided to major in sociology because I felt it was a complement to my criminal justice major and psychology minor. BW's sociology faculty is well versed in research and practical applications. My various internships, sociology courses, and experiential learning exercises were the foundation that allowed me to flourish in graduate school. The sociology department provided the necessary tools for academic achievement and real world applications through data analysis and applied research classes. I was able to navigate my graduate courses with both clarity and research know-how. The BW sociology program not only prepared me for graduate school, but also for the highly competitive and turbulent job market. It provided the necessary well-rounded education that many employers seek in a future employee."

David Tran, 2011
Bowling Green State University Graduate Student

"The faculty of BW's Sociology Department work wonderfully to bring the historical context of today's issues to light.  Employers seek candidates who think analytically when tackling problems and making decisions.  After successfully finishing my studies at Columbia University's MPA in Environmental Science and Policy, I now work as a Senior Operations Associate for Homes for the Homeless based in New York City.  I interact well among clients, colleagues, city officials and community members, all of which I attribute to my Baldwin Wallace education."  
Lisa Nagy, 2008 Sociology Award Winner

"As a Development Specialist, the primary aspect of my position is asking individuals, foundations and corporations to financially support the organization I work for.  Baldwin Wallace's Sociology department gave me the in-depth knowledge I needed to truly understand the underrepresented population my non-profit serves.  The Baldwin Wallace sociology department taught me the understanding of social stratification, racial and ethnic group relations and changing gender roles, and much more.   My degree in sociology allows me to better understand the real-life situations of my clients and translate that into support for my organization."
Ashley Neal, 2009
Development Specialist

"After graduating with a sociology degree, I started Kelley Green Web - specializing in networking, marketing and event planning for non-profit organizations and independent local businesses.  There is no better preparation for working with people and creating grassroots change than having a macro level understanding of humanity as your educational foundation. I had an amazing experience at Baldwin Wallace and found the Sociology professors to be among the brightest and genuinely invested teachers I have had the pleasure of learning from.  Not to mention the extraordinary level of instruction they provided and the personal attention paid to students by both faculty and staff alike.  I would highly recommend Baldwin Wallace University in general and the Sociology department in particular to any prospective student."                     
Jennifer Burger, 2006 Sociology Award Winner
Manager, Kamms Corner Farmers Market    


So, then, Sociology at BW is:

Sociology is the study of social institutions, interactions, and human behavior. Whereas psychology is the study of what goes on inside individuals, sociology addresses what goes on between them. Sociologists seek to understand a wide variety of human relationships, including:  

The changing forms of the family 
Socio-economic or social class stratification 
Racial and ethnic group relations 
Changing gender roles
The causes of crime and the treatment of criminals 
Patterns of drug and alcohol use 
The workings of complex organizations such as businesses,
labor unions, government offices or hospitals
Social change 
The general functioning of modern society as a whole
both on an internal and a cross-cultural basis 

These topics are studied by using the principles of scientific inquiry.  At Baldwin Wallace, students actively test theories of society and produce their own research studies in our state of the art computer lab. 

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