Department of Sociology

An expert faculty within the department provides a broad spectrum of
courses leading to a major or minor in sociology. The department also
facilitates double majors linking sociology and business, sociology and
psychology, sociology and criminal justice, and sociology and

Full Time Faculty

Dr. Carol Gregory, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies

Dr. Julie Newcamp, Assistant Professor

Dr. Theron Quist, Professor, Department Chair, and Assistant Director of Criminal Justice Program

Dr. Louis San Marco, Professor and Director of Criminal Justice Program

Dr. Jill Stephens Fleisher, Professor, Co-director of Sustainability Major, and Coordinator of Social Work Affiliated Program

Dr. Liya Wang, Professor


Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Margaret Brooks-Terry, Professor Emeritus

Prof. David M. Prok, Professor Emeritus


Adjunct Faculty

James Ciotti, Lecturer

Cory Cronin, Lecturer

Mark Evans, Lecturer

Ronald James, Lecturer

Dean Jenkins, Lecturer

Dr. John W. King, Lecturer 

Dale Laux, Lecturer

Dr. Jeanne Mattern, Lecturer

Mark Mattern, Lecturer

Brad Melzer, Lecturer

Elizabeth Ross, Lecturer

Elizabeth Shaffer-King, Lecturer

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