ECCAO©: In-School

The following training has taken place in the schools and classrooms including:

  • Certified staff members (administrators, teachers, counselors, etc.) particpated in workshops to learn about risk factors for violence in children.  Additionally, they were educated in anger recognition and management, the impact that they can have as a model to children, and the benefits of cooperative learning for children.
  • Classified school staff (bus drivers, aides, cafeteria workers, hall/playground monitors, etc.) had the opportunity to learn about anger recognition and management and the importance of being a model of positive behavior for children.
  • Students, in addition, were taught in their classroom appropriate interpersonal skills, including conflict resolution without violence and empathy.

To make sure that our work with teachers and children is paying off in the form of improved behavior, we carry out behavioral observations in the school setting. Trained behavioral observers from Baldwin Wallace University conduct the in-school observations. The observers observe each participating child separately for five minute time periods and record the child’s overall mood, interaction with others, and behaviors during that time.  By allowing your child to be observed in their school setting (this could be in the classroom, in the hallway, on the playground, etc.), you are helping us evaluate the effectiveness of ECCAO training on your child and our community. 

See ECCAO: In-home for a description of our in-home observations

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