ECCAO© : Project Goals & Objectives

As parents/caregivers of today’s youth, we know that it is your dream for your children to become the best they can be in life.  As it is your dream, it is ECCAO’s dream as well.  Stated below are the goals and objectives that we hope to achieve in order to find success in our mission to eliminate youth violence.  We believe that with collaborative efforts the following list of goals and objectives are attainable.

  1. Provide training for school administrators, teachers, & school staff in behavior management
  2. Observe participating children in the school environment every 2 years (kindergarten ->12th gr)*
  3. Observe participating children in their home environment* 
  4. Periodically compare outcome data (collected from observations) to data from a “control” group of kindergarten and 1st grade children not participating in the ECCAO program
  5. Carry out a long-term assessment of costs to schools, families, and communities for special services related to learning problems, psychological adjustment, and juvenile justice system involvement

*after parental consent is given

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