Political Science


Public Service Leadership majors get practical experience working with municipal, state, and federal agencies and with nonprofits such as Esperanza, the Downtown Cleveland Alliance, and the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless.

The Public Service Leadership major and minor is now available for students to enroll!


PSL majors and minors take courses in leadership studies, US government and politics, public administration, grant writing, public budgeting, economics, and policy analysis, as well as participate in a project-based capstone seminar. 

Public Service Leadership

Develop your passion for helping others into a foundation for public service leadership.  Students learn how to make a positive difference by developing their leadership skills and understanding of public policy  and public organization management in classes with experts and opportunities to apply skills through internships with government agencies and nonprofit organizations.   

The Public Service Leadership Major helps students

* develop a broad understanding of what constitutes public service in the public and nonprofit sectors; be exposed to a range of career opportunities in government agencies and nonprofit organizations;
* learn about the public policy process -  become familiar with the actors, institutions, and processes involved in policy formulation, implementation, evaluation, and change;

* understand the role of leadership in public organizations through a project-based curriculum;

* develop professional competence in objective writing, presentation skills, policy research, basic quantitative and qualitative analysis, and introductory public budgeting.


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