Political Science


Model United Nations Testimonials

Charles Henderson ‘14
Political Science and International Studies Major

I went with the Model UN team to the Model NATO conference in Washington D.C., which by itself was appealing. But the real incentive was the opportunity to meet with embassy staff from the country we were representing.

As the Model North Atlantic Council member for Bulgaria, I was the “head” member of my team. I spent countless hours doing research in order to discuss Bulgaria’s foreign policy positions with the actual Deputy Chief of Mission (#2 in charge be-neath the ambassador) for the Bulgarian embassy to the United States.

He discussed with us the different policy positions of Bulgaria in NATO, explaining each detail as we asked questions. He even disclosed to us some of his personal opinions on the subjects, which really helped us to better understand the sentiments of the Bulgarian people towards the rest of Europe and the world. Sitting down and discussing current policy issues with a real diplomat helped us stay in character and perform well at the NATO conference.

The opportunity to work with the BW faculty, particularly Dr. Javier Morales-Ortiz, the rest of the Bulgaria Model NATO team, and the Bulgarian Embassy was an experience I will truly never forget.

I learned the value of thorough, solid research and how it helps enliven discussions with experts in the field. I learned the importance of being well organized and how critical that is for understanding the complex systems, events, and motivations in international politics.

Sundous Eddeb ‘13

International Studies and Political Science Major

The Model UN team at BW is not just an extracurricular activity, it’s a practical life experience that allows you to apply what you have learned in a situation that reflects an exciting potential future career.

I participated in the Model African Union team, representing Egypt. Because the people you meet and work with at the African Union come from all sorts of backgrounds and lifestyles it’s easy to forget you’re still in Washington DC. The majority of those delegates are students from African countries who are studying in the US.

The goal of the African Union is to achieve consensus on major issues through establishing and maintaining relations amongst your allies as well as with those member states that are not so friendly with your country.

Ultimately, there is only so much you can be taught in advance about diplomatic negotiations. The African Union allowed me to experience such negotiations firsthand, helping me sharpen my presentation and public speaking skills and keeping me on my toes to constantly devise new and innovative ideas for the committee to consider in addressing the problems at hand.

What this conference taught me was how to work outside of my comfort zone and understand the value in doing so. This value is being able to live life unhindered by my own expectations and thus being free to explore new levels of thinking.




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