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Owusu holds an M.A. and a Bachelor's with Honors, earning both degrees from the University of Cape Coast. She previously served as a Cadbury Fellow at the Centre of West African Studies at the University of Birmingham, U.K. During her year at BW, Owusu is teaching courses on African history and politics. She also is working with faculty and students to design new programming focused on African and African-American studies.

Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence Professor Mary Owusu from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Providing Valued Perspective and Expertise to the Baldwin Wallace University Political Science and History programs.

 The Political Science and History Departments are very pleased to host Professor Mary Owusu, a rising scholar in West African and environmental history from the faculty of the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. She has been very involved in teaching, working with students, giving public presentations, and getting fully involved in campus life at BW. 

Professor Owusu arrived in Berea, Ohio in early August 2011 with her family – husband Allen Sowah and sons Nii Odoi (pronounced Nee Odwey) (age 3) and Nii Pobi (pronounced Nee Pobee) (10 months). They got settled in the downstairs unit of a campus duplex with the help of several BW faculty and staff. By the time Allan returned to Ghana in late September, Mary was fully engaged in teaching two courses (History of Africa; Legacy of the Slave Trade in the Western Hemisphere), getting the boys back and forth to a local day care center, and enjoying developing friendships with many colleagues and their families. As Mary said, “I am getting the full experience of an American working mom!” She was also fortunate to have her mother, Esther, join her in October to help take care of the boys. 
Professor Owusu has conducted several presentations during her stay. She co-presented a paper with a colleague from Grand Valley State University at a conference on African history at Stanford University in October. Professor Owusu was also a featured speaker in the Mark Collier Enduring Questions Speaker Series at BW, providing an evening of insight for students, faculty, and the community into Ghanaian and west African politics, economics, and culture, particularly in the context of relations with the U.S. Professor Owusu is scheduled to speak to a class at Grand Valley State, be part of a Freedom Day celebration at one of the local middle schools, speaking at the campus of the State University of New York at Jamestown, and conducting teacher workshops through the Cleveland Council on World Affairs. 
The students at Baldwin Wallace University have thoroughly enjoyed Professor Owusu’s classes. She has provided support and counsel to many of our students. They are learning a great deal in her classes, and find her perspective invaluable. Her presence is helping the campus community to focus on ways to enhance existing academic and co-curricular programming in the area of African studies. We are very pleased that we already have our first exchange student in Africa; Kris Smeage, who is spending this semester studying at the University of Cape Coast! 
We are thrilled to have Professor Owusu as part of the Baldwin Wallace University community this year, and look forward to a long and beneficial relationship for all involved. Our deepest thanks to the Institute for International Education and the Fulbright Foundation for the opportunity to host Professor Mary Owusu!
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