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The physics program is designed to prepare students to think critically, to become rigorously grounded in fundamental scientific principles, and to apply both disciplined and creative habits of inquiry to their studies. The study of physics is excellent for a wide variety of technical careers.

Physics program degree requirements:

The Combined Plan for Engineering

Also referred to as the Binary Program in Engineering or 3/2 Program, the combined plan enables students to earn both an engineering degree (B.S.) as well as a liberal arts degree (B.A.).

Requirements for the Physics Based Engineering Area, B.A. are outlined in the University Catalog.

Before transferring to the engineering school at which they will complete the work for their degree, pre-engineering students must complete the above program and:

  • at least 92 credit hours of coursework at BW
  • the BW core curriculum requirements.

Some of our affiliated schools have additional requirements. Pre-Engineering students should check with the schools in which they are interested, and with the BW pre-engineering advisor. For BW students planning on completing their engineering degree at CWRU, PHY 260 and PHY 261 are especially recommended.

The pre-engineering program prepares Baldwin Wallace students to earn an engineering degree through educational affiliations with the engineering schools of Case Western Reserve University and Columbia University. Upon satisfactory completion of the three-year pre-engineering program at BW and the last two years of the engineering program at the engineering school, a student receives the Bachelor of Arts degree from BW and the Bachelor of Science in their chosen field of engineering from the engineering school. Students may choose instead the option of completing any of the B.S. science majors at BW, so long as they meet the engineering school’s entry requirements. Completion of the program at other recognized engineering schools is possible if prior approval of the BW pre-engineering advisor is obtained. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Peter Hoekje in the Physics Department at (440) 826-2494 or email

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