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Burrell Memorial Observatory

The observatory houses a Warner & Swasey refracting telescope with a 13 3/8 inch objective, a 4 - inch finder, and a 1 inch finder.

Unique exhibits are displayed in the circular classroom.


Located at the northernmost part of the campus, the Burrell Memorial Observatory Is one of Baldwin Wallace's hidden gems.

Built in 1940 with funds donated by Mrs. Katherine Ward Burrell as a memorial to her late husband  Dr. Edward P. Burrell, it is one of the finest college observatories in the area.

While no major or minor is presently offered by the Physics Department, many interesting astronomy classes are available to students to fulfill their science requirements.

Lab classes:

Observational Astronomy studies the universe through astronomical observations. Stars, planets and other objects are observed with the naked eyes, small telescopes and our 13- inch refracting telescope located in the Burrell Memorial Observatory.

Exploratory Astronomy deals with the solar system and stellar astronomy. Lab exercises cover topics such as the nature and properties of light, optics, heat , mechanics, astronomical data analysis and/or computer simulations.

Non-lab classes:

Astronomy of the Stars deals with the birth and death of stars, structure and evolution of galaxies, and cosmology. Pulsars, white dwarfs, black holes, radio galaxies and quasars are also covered.

Astronomy of the Solar System studies various objects in the solar system with emphasis on recent discoveries. This course also discusses the historical evolution of astronomy.

Observatory Open Houses

McKelvey Auditorium /Burrell Memorial Observatory

Open Houses are scheduled at various times throughout the year.  Please call (440) 826-2312 to be put on the email list to receive notification of the programs.  You may also call the Observatory line at (440) 826-2223 for the latest program information.


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