International Undergraduate Program-of-the-Year

Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society

Brain Awareness Week & INS-Sponsored Events

Neuroscience Laboratory Open House

The Baldwin Wallace University Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society (INS), along with the Baldwin Wallace University Neuroscience Laboratory and Dr. G. Andrew Mickley, opens the BW Neuroscience Lab to the community in order for them to witness first hand the research the lab conducts. Through this yearly event, we are able to educate the BW and local community on recent research in neuroscience, teach various facts about brain and brain research, and address myths about animal mistreatment in laboratories and in various experimental studies. Guests were also invited to join in activities such as the Galvanic Skin Response, Ramachandran's Phantom Limb, the Watermaze, the Goggle Game, and Brain Mounting.  Additionally, participants could help themselves to snacks and enter to win gift certificates to area restaurants, INS t-shirts, and goody bags!

Distinguished Speakers

During Brain Awareness Week, the Baldwin Wallace University Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society (INS) hosted an evening with Dr. James Buccigross from the Government of Bermuda, Ministry of Labour, Home Affairs, & Public Safety with Her Majesty's Prison, with the Bermuda Department of Corrections

Dr. Buccigross presented a talk about Forensic Neuropsychology and his work as the Chief Psychologist & Clinical Director at the Westgate Correctional Facility in Bermuda .  The lecture was open to the Baldwin Wallace and local community.  Following his talk, Dr. Buccigross joined the members of INS for dinner at the Olive Garden.

By a combined effort with the Psychology department, INS, and Nu Rho Sci, distinguished scientist Dr. Larry Squire, came to Baldwin Wallace University to give a talk over his research on learning and memory. Dr. Squire is renowned for his work with learning and memory. He has over 350 published articles and has written two books on memory.  While opportunities to meet him were offered before and after the talks, the lab got the opportunity to have one on one time with Dr. Squire. The lab took Dr. Squire out to lunch and discussions about his research and questions the lab assistants may have had could be answered in a comfortable setting. Getting to meet distinguished scientists is one of the many opportunities that are available when someone joins the lab!       



Elementary School Visits

The Baldwin Wallace University Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society (INS) traveled to Fairview Elementary School in Berea, Saint Therese Elementary School in Garfield Heights and several other schools to teach fun and educational brain-related activities.  We used this community outreach styled program to educate local children about a variety of topics relating to the brain using educational games that the children have in the past found to be both fun and exciting. Some of their favorites include "Name that Brain," where children examine real brains and guess which animal they belong to; "Brain Art," where the students are educated about the different areas of the brain and then allowed to draw what they think the brain looks like; "Neuron Knowledge," where the students learned all about neuron anatomy and function and then made their own neurons out of styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners; "Pin the Spinal Cord on the Brain," which is INS's version of pin the tail on the donkey; and "Retrain your Brain," a goggle game that teaches about the brains plasticity and is just great fun! In past years, this event has been a huge success and proven to be a lot of fun for the students, the teachers, and the members of INS.

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