International Undergraduate Program-of-the-Year


Lab Opportunities

Here are some of the opportunities offered through being an assistant at
BW Neuroscience Laboratory

Get Published

First, there's the opportunity to become an author on published papers when one completes the criteria to be a project leader or senior associate. Authorship is an honor that allows for students to become distinguished among peers. Works the lab has completed have been featured in scientific journals that can be read by people all over the world.


Gain Skills

Also, the lab offers a chance to get real hands-on experience with equipment and procedures that can be used in any neuroscience lab. In the beginning of the internship, materials and videos on animal safety are watched in order for persons to familiarize themselves with the rules surrounding animal use and care. The lab staff helps new members with skills such as slicing a brain, mounting a brain, staining a brain, and mixing chemicals. As students progress, they are able to familiarize themselves with procedures in immunohistology, learn how to view changes at a cellular level in brain tissue, learn about the current experiments going on, help with data analysis, grant writing and publication. 

Get Involved

Students involved in the Neuroscience program also are offered the opportunity to join the Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Society (INS). INS organizes several activities throughout the year that are aimed at promoting knowledge about the nervous system. To check out more of the work of INS, click here

Go Places! Developing a Network of Contacts

Over the course of the year, there are several neuroscience conventions held at locations around the world. These opportunities are unique and allow students to present work that they themselves have performed, to network with scientists all over the world, and the opportunity gives students a chance to enrich their knowledge of brain research.


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