Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Mathematics and Computer Science Building
(440) 826-2117

Possible Career Paths

  • actuary
  • attorney
  • biostatistician
  • engineer
  • financial analyst
  • management science specialist
  • professor
  • teacher

Analytical, quantitative and intriguing, mathematics is an exciting field offering myriad career possibilities.

Challenging academics

Rigorous thinking and problem-solving techniques are at the core of mathematics. You will be challenged to use logic, theory and your own creativity to solve complex problems.


A solid field of study that complements other programs, mathematics is an ideal major or minor.  It is often combined with education, business, computer science, and the sciences.  

Excellent opportunities

Strong academics and faculty mentoring are central to our mathematics program. You'll benefit from small class sizes, individual attention and a liberal arts core curriculum that prepares you for success. To date, nearly 100 percent of our mathematics majors who have applied have been accepted into well-known graduate programs.

Wide-ranging careers

Because of its focus in both the theoretical and applied aspects of the subject, mathematics prepares you for the workplace and/or graduate or professional school.

Offered as a major and a minor.

Can be applied toward teacher licensure

A major in mathematical economics also is offered.


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