Master of Arts in Education


License+Master's Program Outlines

Students in the License+Master's Program choose a graduate specialization (Educational Technology, Literacy or Mild/Moderate Educational Needs) as well as the grade level and teaching area.

Early Childhood (PreK - Grade 3)


Middle Childhood (Grades 4-9)

The Middle Childhood Education license requires two teaching fields selected from Mathematics, Reading/Language Arts, Science and/or Social Studies.


Adolescent/Young Adult (Grades 7-12)

The Adolescent/Young Adult license requires one teaching field for the 7-12 grade levels.

Teaching Fields for Grades 7-12

Multi-Age (PreK-Grade 12)

The Multi-Age license requires one teaching field for Prekindergarten through Grade 12.

Teaching Fields for Multi-Age PreK - Grade 12

Mild/Moderate Educational Needs (K-12)

This program leads to the Intervention Specialist License for Kindergarten - Grade 12.  This program prepares teachers to fulfill a statewide need for intervention specialists able to work in inclusive settings as consultant teachers, small group instructors, resource room teachers, transition service coordinators and co-teachers in an inclusive classroom.

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