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Internship Descriptions

Academic Advising Intern-filled 2015

This is a 20 hour per week internship. The Academic Advising Intern will focus on undergraduate, day student advising, registration education, and the education and assistant oversight of undergraduate student Advising Peer Mentors. The intern's specific responsibilities will build on his/her experience, skills, and professional aspirations. The intern will assist the Advising Director and Assistant, and interact with students, parents, faculty advisors, staff, and administrators.

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Academic Affairs Intern -filled 2015

This position would be for an internship in Academic Affairs serving the Provost, the Associate Provost & Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, the Assistant Provost, and the Director of Institutional Research & Assessment. Duties would be divided between these four individuals and the intern would work on several projects over the course of the internship.

Admission Intern-OPEN 2015

The Admission Graduate Intern will contribute to the overall recruitment efforts of Baldwin Wallace University by performing duties and obtaining skills typical of an Admission Counselor. The full range of recruitment and leadership duties will build on the Graduate Intern's current experience and expand to reach the specific goals of the Intern and BW. This is a part-time (20 hour/week), 9-month position reporting to an Associate Director of Admission.

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Adult and Continuing Education/ Registration and Records-filled 2015

This internship will be split with a 10 hour per week commitment in Adult and Continuing Education and the other 10 hours will be completed in the Registration & Records Internship. In the office of Adult & Continuing Education, the Graduate Intern will gain experience and assist with department program planning and coordination of services for non-traditional students attending Baldwin Wallace University. In the Office of Registration and Records, this position will offer a unique opportunity to participate in Commencement planning and all activities surrounding the graduation process. Duties will include reviewing Degree Audits, processing Applications for Graduation and Degree Completion forms, updating student records in Colleague, attending Commencement and handling waivers and substitutions.

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Adult and Continuing Education/Registration and Records internship.

Adult and Graduate Admission Intern - filled 2015

This comprehensive internship will provide an in-depth understanding of the communications, strategy and relationship-building involved in the enrollment of LHE and other adult/graduate students to Baldwin Wallace University - from first point of contact, through the application and admission process, to financial aid considerations, orientation and enrollment. Focus will be working with the recruitment and enrollment of new students in the Leadership in Higher Education (LHE) program and at least one other adult/graduate market such as nursing or physician assistant. The Adult & Graduate Admission Intern will contribute to the overall recruitment efforts of Baldwin Wallace University by performing duties and obtaining skills typical of an Admission Counselor working with non-traditional transfer and graduate students interested in programs such as Leadership in Higher Education, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Speech-Language Pathology, teacher education and more.

View a detailed description for the Adult and Graduate Admission Intern - OPEN 2015

Alumni and Advancement Intern-OPEN 2015

This position will work with the professional staff in BW's Alumni Affairs and Development office. The intern will assist in the formation and implementation of events and programs which help to advance the College through increased alumni participation as well as the identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewarding of donors.

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Business Division Intern-filled 2015

The International Student Intern works closely with the Graduate Coordinator in the Business Administration Division to administer and support programs and processes related to graduate international student enrollment in the Division. The Intern will gain leadership experience in the following academic and student support processes: admission/recruitment, orientation, academic advising, international student support, government regulation, and program evaluation.

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CARE/MNM (Center for Alcohol Related Issues Education/Midnight Madness) Intern-filled 2015

The Graduate Intern is a member of the Student Affairs staff at Baldwin Wallace University and reports to the Director of Student Life/Director of CARE. The Graduate Intern is responsible for implementing the goals of the CARE Office and working toward achieving the Center's mission. The roles of the Graduate Intern include advisor of student run organization(s), programmer, resource person, presenter, mentor/role model, and administrator.

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Career Services Intern-filled 2015

Every student at Baldwin Wallace University has a unique plan for their college career and where they hope the future will take them. BW Career Services is available to assist each student to develop, implement, and refine that plan. Career Services is a comprehensive office that combines one-on-one career advising, group programs, and web-based technologies to equip BW students with the necessary skills and tools to independently manage their careers from freshman year to graduation and throughout their lives.

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Conservatory Intern-filled 2015

This position will work with the professional staff and faculty in BW's Conservatory of Music.  The intern will complete autonomous projects which help to advance the Conservatory's mission and contribute to the Conservatory's soon-to-be-completed strategic plan "BW Conservatory 2020."

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Financial Aid -filled 2015

The graduate internship in the Office of Financial Aid gives the student a broad based understanding of the financial aid profession. The intern will learn about need analysis, packaging, verification, and the processing of student aid. In addition, the intern will also assist with processing and communication of financial aid, as well as assist students and families with general financial aid information in person, over the phone, and via email. This position will also have the unique opportunity to assist with retention efforts within the Office of Financial Aid.

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Honors Program Intern-One Position OPEN 2015

The Honors Program Intern will have an opportunity to apply the developmental theory and research and leadership skills from their course work in a real-world setting, under the supervision of the Honors Program Director, Amy Story. The intern will understand the advantages of integrating the work of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, offering maximum support for Honors Program students and improving response to ethical, legal, and political forces that shape the operation of the Honors Program.

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Jacket Link Bridge Intern -filled 2015

The JLB internship position incorporates aspects of both Academic Affairs and Diversity Affairs. The JLB program serves approximately 40 first year students from various backgrounds in their successful transition. The JLB Intern manages and helps to facilitate training of student mentors who will work with first year student participants from the pre-matriculation workshop through the end of their first year. The intern will be responsible for maintaining ongoing communication with mentors and students regarding University opportunities, cultural programming and academic resources throughout the academic year. They will also gain valuable experience in direct student support through Academic and Diversity Affairs. Specifically, the Intern will gain experience connecting students to and collaborating with colleagues from across campus including: Academic Advising; Faculty; Financial Aid; Health & Counseling Services; Learning Center; Residence Life and Student Affairs. The Intern will have the opportunity to develop skills in areas such as: budget management; collaboration; creative problem solving; event planning; marketing; program evaluation; project management; social media management, and other areas of personal interest to encourage professional development.

View a detailed description of the Jacket Link Bridge internship.

Learning Center and Disability Services Intern-filled 2015

The Learning Center & Disability Services Intern will assist the Director in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the Learning Center & Disability Services for Students programs and services. 
Responsibilities include teaching a study strategies course fall and spring semesters, assisting in the assessment and evaluation of Learning Center programs and services, and providing academic coaching to undergraduate students on study strategies and assisting in the training of the tutoring staff.

View a detailed description for the Learning Center and Disability Services internship.

Residence Life at Baldwin Wallace – filled 2015

Hall Directors become acquainted with all residents to establish good relationships.  They assess personal, academic and social problems of residents, and become aware of the cultures and sub-cultures of the campus. Hall Directors are aware of available resources and make appropriate referrals as well as recognize situations in which intervention or mediation is both appropriate and necessary.  Most Hall Directors at Baldwin Wallace University work as Graduate Interns for one of several unique offices in Student Affairs. Our internships provide extended opportunities to interact with the community, develop leadership skills, and participate in the daily workings of specialty groups on campus.

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School of Education -filled 2015

The School of Education Intern will receive a list of assigned duties that build on the intern's experience to date and would enhance the intern's professional aspirations. The intern would be introduced to the full range of work done in Education graduate programs and be afforded an opportunity to obtain experience and skill in assuming leadership duties typical of academic affairs administration. The intern will also work with the Graduate Admission Office, assisting in website maintenance and recruiting students.

View a detailed description of the School of Education internship.

Student Success Intern -filled 2015

This intern will work with the Director of SSI and the Dean of Students coordinating and maintaining initiatives associated with first year retention efforts that involve the College 101 course & assessment, as well as the LDR course offered to pre-selected students. The intern will receive support and understanding of how these efforts work in concert in achieving various student success initiatives that involve the College's curricular and co-curricular efforts.

View a detailed description of the Student Success internship.

Service Learning and Community Outreach Intern-filled 2015

This intern will work as a member of the Office of Community Outreach staff and report to the Director of Community Outreach and Service-Learning. The intern will assist in the development of new service learning initiatives, supervise course assistants, coordinate training programs and be responsible for various programming and experiences for students.  This intern also serves as a Hall Director at Archwood House a University-owned facility on the westside of Cleveland.

View a detailed description of the Service Learning & Community Outreach internship.

STEM Scholars Intern-filled 2015

The STEM Scholars Intern position incorporates aspects of both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.  The STEM Scholars Intern coaches a caseload of STEM Scholars and assists with all aspects of managing BW's STEM Scholars program (  The STEM Scholars Intern will collaborate with colleagues from across campus, such as:  Academic Affairs, Admission, Center for Innovation and Growth, Faculty, Financial Aid, Health & Counseling Services, Learning Center, Residence Life, Staff, Student Affairs, and University Relations.  The STEM Scholars Intern will have the opportunity to develop skills in: budget development and management, collaboration, event planning, grant writing, grant reporting, innovation, marketing, program evaluation, project management, recruitment, resource management, social media management, and student coaching.

View a detailed description for the STEM Scholars internship.

Study Abroad/International Student Services Intern-filled 2015

The Explorations/Study Abroad Intern will assist in programming, advising and marketing of study away opportunities. Responsibilities include coordination of the  Study Abroad Fair, promoting international education to the campus community, advising interested students on international opportunities, serving as a positive role model by being knowledgeable and compassionate of cultural differences, advising/supervising the Explorations student peer advisors, and hosting international guests and others throughout the semester. The International Student Services Intern is a member of the Student Affairs staff at Baldwin Wallace University and reports to the co-directors of International Student Services. The intern is responsible for implementing the goals of the International Student Services office and working toward achieving its mission of planning, implementing and promoting international student services and programs throughout the academic calendar. The intern also plays a significant role in the promotion and development of leadership opportunities for Baldwin Wallace students as well as addressing global issues in a variety of creative, challenging, and meaningful ways that will be of benefit to the entire BW community. The intern also includes serving in the capacity of programming resource person and administrator.

View a detailed description for the Study Abroad/International Student Services internship.

University Relations Intern-OPEN 2015

As a valued member of the University Relations team, this intern will combine exposure to the traditional areas of institutional communication—public information and media relations, publications, alumni communications, advertising and marketing communications, campus photography and video production, Web content management, e-communications, and special events—with an emphasis placed on new media and emerging technologies.

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Internships at Other Colleges/Universities:

Cuyahoga Community College: Student Services & Orientation Intern-filled 2015

The Tri-C West Graduate Intern in Student Services and Orientation is encouraged to spend his/her year-long internship becoming familiar with Tri-C West, its students, and curriculum and all aspects of assisting students, conducting orientation and further developing student success initiatives. The graduate intern will be expected to be current with institution-wide policies, procedures, and programmatic offerings of Tri-C West. As a full member of the team, the graduate intern will be able to engage in a variety of activities that will enhance his/her professional growth and development.

View a detailed description for the Cuyahoga Community College internship.

Oberlin College -OPEN 2015

The Office of Admissions at Oberlin College invites applications for the position of Admissions Graduate Intern. This is a part-time (20 hour/week), 9-month Administrative and Professional Staff position reporting to a Senior Associate Director of Admissions. The Admissions Graduate Intern will contribute to the overall recruitment efforts of Oberlin College by assisting with the planning and implementation of procedures and programs for attracting and matriculating students.

View a detailed description for the Oberlin College internship. 

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