Master of Arts in Education


MAEd and Teacher Licensure - Recommendation Form

To the Applicant:

The Master of Arts in Education Program requires two recommendations.  The BW Admission Office provides this online recommendation form, and also a paper version if preferred. The recommendations should be completed by individuals you have asked to provide either a professional or personal reference for you -- a principal, supervisor, co-worker, college professor, or someone who is familiar with your goals and abilities. It should not be completed by any member of your immediate family.

Once received by the Admission Office, these recommendations are confidential and will not be shared with you, the applicant.  The person serving as your reference will need to share those comments with you directly. 

Your application may not be fully considered until all recommendations are submitted, so encourage the individuals you select to complete this form promptly.

To the Individual Completing This Evaluation:

Thank you for taking time to complete this online recommendation form for applicants interested in teacher licensure and/or graduate study in education at Baldwin Wallace University. In consideration of each applicant, emphasis is placed on comments from references concerning an applicant’s academic preparation and potential for a successful career in teaching. We are particularly interested in your perceptions of character and integrity, commitment to leadership in the field of education, motivation and potential for personal and professional growth.

This recommendation is confidential and will not be shared with the applicant. If you would like the applicant to have a copy of your comments, please print this page before submitting it to the BW Admission Office.  

* Required information

Applicant's Name: *
Your Name (Recommender): *
Your profession or occupation: *
Phone: *
Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip: *
1. How long have you known the applicant?
2. In what capacity have you known the applicant? Please be specific:
3. Is the applicant’s scholastic record an accurate reflection of his/her academic ability? If not, please explain briefly:
4. What are the applicant’s most outstanding abilities or characteristics?
5. What are the applicant’s chief liabilities and weaknesses?
6. What has been the applicant’s experience and success in working with young people in a teaching or mentoring role?
7. How would you evaluate the applicant in the following areas?
Ability to initiate projects and meet deadlines:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Works well with children/young adults:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Verbal/Written Communication :  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Flexible and adaptable:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Receptive to new ideas, innovative:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Self Reflection - effective response to constructive criticism:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Sensitive to community and cultural norms:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Character & Integrity:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Leadership Ability:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
Potential for Growth:  Below Average    Average    Above Average    Excellent    Unkown  
8. The Admission Committee is interested in any additional information you can provide about the applicant:
9. Please indicate your overall evaluation for this applicant to pursue a career in teaching and/or graduate study in education.
Thank you for your time and consideration in evaluating this applicant. This recommendation is confidential and will not be shared with the applicant. If you would like the applicant to have a copy of your comments, please print this page before clicking on the "Send Form" button below.

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