Riemenschneider Bach Institute


Mission Statement

The mission of the Riemenschneider Bach Institute is:

To preserve and enhance Baldwin Wallace University's distinctive and internationally recognized tradition of cultivating the music of J. S. Bach, and to provide Conservatory students with exemplary models of musicological research and scholarly resources needed for their academic development.

The R.B. I. will fulfill its mission by

1) acting as stewards of the valuable materials entrusted to the Conservatory by the Riemenschneider, Martin, David, and Villella families in accordance with the stipulations accompanying the gifts
2) acquiring new materials related to the scholarly study of Bach to ensure that the collection remains up-to-date
3) publishing a BACH journal of internationally recognized caliber
4) serving as the administrative and research arm of the Baldwin Wallace Bach Festival and other Conservatory events as deemed possible and appropriate
5) sponsoring symposium-concerts of the music of Bach's time

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