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photo of Daniela Muhaj of Baldwin Wallace University International Studies and Economics


Daniela Muhaj '14


International Studies and Mathematical Economics Major

BW Honors Program Participant

Hometown: Fier, Albania


What research opportunities have you had at BW?

  • During summer 2013, I was part of a BW faculty-student team that went to the People's Republic of China to conduct research. I gained valuable skills and insights. As a result, I am seeking post-graduation opportunities abroad.
  • In conjunction with my economics professors, I've conducted research relevant to real-world issues.
  • As a Center for Innovation and Growth intern, I am part of a consulting team that does work for leading global companies.

How does BW help students succeed?

  • International studies professors have diverse backgrounds, interesting stories and life experiences they leverage to enhance a student's experience. Their strong relationship with alumni yields great results in terms of networking, mentoring, internships and other professional opportunities.

  • In the economics department, faculty and staff are always in search of opportunities such as professional conferences, scholarships and internships. Their outside connections and guidance in what options exist beyond graduation have helped me better define where I want to be in the future.

How has the Honors Program benefited you professionally?
I traveled to Lubec, Maine, to conduct research that assessed the relationship between health disparities in the area and underlying economic variables. I also visited Washington, D.C., on another trip. This experience helped me pinpoint internship opportunities and graduate school options. Lastly, I helped develop an outline for a potential honors class. The project was presented at the Mid-East Honors Association conference.

What leadership opportunities have you had through the Honors Program?
As part of the Honors Leadership Board and Honors Program Advisory Council, I've helped develop initiatives that foster community involvement, cultural enrichment and educational growth among our many members.

Posted August 2013



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