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International Affairs. National Security.

International Studies Class of 2013

International Studies Class of 2012

International Studies Class of 2011

Awards and Recognitions

INT Majors Receiving Awards at the 2013 Ovation Ceremony.  The following International Studies students won scholarships and awards in the most recent Ovation ceremony. These students are:
---Ellise Wallis - Outstanding Senior Award
---Richard Teel - Outstanding Senior Award
---Patrick Mahoney - Alan Blumenthal Prize in Student Government
---Daniela Muhaj - Overmeyer Achievement Award and Pavsek Award for Excellence in Economics
---Kristopher Smeage - Robert and Dorothy Bell Memorial Award 

An INT Major Was Recognized for Her Academic 
Achievements at the 2013 Obie Bender Awards Dinner. The Obie Bender awards are given in honor of Dr. Obie Bender, who served the Baldwin Wallace community with character, dignity, grace, and humility for more than three decades. Ariel Marbury received the Obie Benber Award for Outstanding Senior. 

INT Majors Who Received Awards at the 2012 Ovation Ceremony
---Rodney Hildebrand - Outstanding Senior
---Morsheda Akhter - Outstanding Senior
---Kristopher Smeage - Outstanding Senior
---Paige Livergood and Selena Ventura - Dr. William and Mary Perdel Memorial Scholarship
---Elise Wallis - Lillian and Larry Bibbee Scholarship

INT Majors Who Received Awards at the 2011 Ovation Ceremony
---Rodney Hildebrand - Dr. Mark G. Noffsinger Award for Leadership
---Kristopher Smeage - Dr. Delo C. Grover Award

Two INT Majors Recognized at the 2011 Obie Bender Awards
---RaeAnne Pina - Obie Bender Award for Community Services
---Ariel Marbury - Obie Bender Award for Global Citizen and for Outstanding Sophomore

INT Student Present Research Paper in National Conference
Rebecca Quinones (INT Senior) and Dr. Javier Morales-Ortiz presented a conference paper entitled "Social and Political Mobilization of Indigenous Groups in Latin America: A Comparative Study of Domestic and Structural Conditions for Political Party Formation in Bolivia and Ecuador" at the 2011 annual meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association.

INT Students Who Received Awards at the 2010 Ovation Ceremony.
---Michelle Athanas - Williard E. and Donna J. Carmel Scholarship
---Sarah Friedman - Outstanding Senior Award
Kaity Harman - Dr. Anne E. Dash Spanish Prize
Megan Jones - Lillian and Larry D. Bibbee Scholarship
Steve Love - Outstanding Senior Award
Samantha Mucha - John F. and Ida Gibler Scholarship
Katherine Slaby - Outstanding Senior Award

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