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Samantha Mucha '11
Law School Student
Law Clerk, Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber, LLP

International Studies, Political Science, Spanish Major
BW Honors Program Participant

Hometown: Brook Park, Ohio

How did BW coursework prepare you for law school?
The classes I took at BW helped me to develop the critical thinking, time management, leadership and writing skills I use at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law on a daily basis.

  • My BW political science pre-law classes taught me how to read cases and what to look for in them in order to apply the law to new situations.
  • My Spanish major helped me develop analytical and vocabulary skills as well as an appreciation for communicating with others in their own language. This has been invaluable working for the Cleveland Municipal Court.
  • In the international studies capstone class, we took apart complex foreign policy decisions in order to understand how the components interacted to form the policy decision. Similarly, when reading cases in law school, we look at how different rules and principles interact in order to create the court's opinion.

How did BW experiential learning opportunities benefit your career preparation?
I had internships at a Congressman's district office, a Senator's state office and conducted research for an international firm.

What benefits did you gain from the Honors Program?
When writing my thesis for the capstone course, I developed analytical skills that have helped me in law school. It also provided me with opportunities to learn more about a topic in-depth. I can take my thoughts and opinions on complex topics and explain them to others.

How did the Honors Program impact your career interest?
The trip I took to Washington, D.C. enabled me to see the city in a whole new light. I witnessed a protests for the immigration rally and saw the debate over the healthcare legislation. The memories I formed there remind me why I chose to pursue a legal career.

Posted July 2013

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