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"You begin as a freshman, afraid you will never know anything about athletic training, then one day you suddenly realize how much you know and how many friends you have made." - Jenn



"The best thing about the Athletic Training Education Program at BW is the people. Knowledgeable professors and upperclassmen are more than happy to help you and answer any questions you might have." - Brett

"The Athletic Training Education Program at BW not only helped me build a career, it helped me build my life. I've learned never to give up, because if you work hard enough dreams materialize into reality. One word can summarize my experience with the BW Athletic Training Education Program: PRICELESS!!! If I could change anything in my past it would most definitely NOT be my decision to major in Athletic Training at BW." - Angela 


"The BW Athletic Training Education Program has made me a better sports massage therapist and opened the door of opportunity. I thank all the ATCs on staff for sharing all their expertise and knowledge." - Dawn

"My experience at BW prepared me for all aspects of the athletic training field.  I owe a tremendous amount to the Athletic Training Education Program at BW for helping me achieve many of my goals thus far as an athletic trainer." - Matt




"The Baldwin Wallace University Athletic Training Education Program provided me with a wonderful learning opportunity in a variety of ways.  Not only did I get hands on experience with the athletes early on, but I also had the opportunity to observe surgeries and meet other professionals in the field through the relationships the college has developed in the area.  My education at Baldwin Wallace provided me a foundation which I used as I continued my studies in Physical Therapy school at Ohio State.  As a result, I was ahead of others in my Physical Therapy class due to the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine knowledge I had learned during my years at Baldwin Wallace." - Heidi


"My athletic training experience at BW left me well prepared for the exam as well as my current position in the high school/clinic setting.  I loved the family atmosphere and personal contact with the ATC's.  I felt right at home and would not trade those opportunities for the world!" - Candy



"I had a great experience at BW!   When it was time to take the BOC Certification exam, I knew my classes and clinical education prepared me for the challenge.  The athletic training staff and professors were wonderful mentors and I made lifelong friends in the program." - Stacy 



"My experiences at BW prepared me to succeed at any level of athletic training. The structure of the program allows me to learn didactically in the classroom and then encouraged me to apply those theories in the clinical setting while continuing to grow as an athletic training student. The program is one of few in the nation that can provide students with experiences in every sport at every level from high school to the professional ranks. It truly is a 'big time university' experience while having the personal touch and individualization associated with working in a smaller college setting." - Jeremy 

"The Baldwin Wallace University Athletic Training Education Program not only taught me the clinical skills necessary to find success in graduate school and within my career, but the staff has provided a social support and networking system that will be available throughout my life.  This is truly one of the finest programs with some of the most devoted professors in the field." -Alicia

"My experience as an athletic training student in the Baldwin Wallace Athletic Training Education Program was an exceptional one.  BW's Athletic Training faculty were very approachable, enthusiastic, and pushed me to succeed by compassionately "challenging and supporting" me as an athletic training student. I was challenged to think and problem solve independently while receiving full support by the faculty during my erudition.  As I worked to perfect my skills and treatment methodology as an aspiring health care professional, the professors of the BW Athletic Training Education Program guided me along the way, encouraging balance and personal growth in and out of the athletic training room. My experience as an athletic training student at BW was instrumental in shaping my approach today not only as an athletic trainer, coach, and teacher, but as one who strives to provide the best holistic care possible and looks to improve the lives of all those with whom I work." - Bridgett


"Athletic Training at BW taught me that life is full of obstacles, there are ways to overcome them, you just need to look around and find the material to do it." - Sarah


"As a transfer student it was a smooth transition into the athletic training program. I was able to complete my education in a timely manner. I gained valuable experience in the high school/college, clinical, and professional settings. Cleveland is a great resource to find an internship, with places like the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Force Indoor Soccer, and area high schools. I have shared great memories with the athletic training staff and students. Baldwin Wallace has helped shaped me into the athletic trainer I am today." - Matt



"The Athletic Training Education Program at BW definitely helped prepare me for beginning my career as a certified athletic trainer.  I was able to gain the knowledge and confidence necessary to move into the graduate assistantship I applied for at Ohio University to earn my Master's Degree.  Because of the time I spent working with the athletes at BW, I was ahead of other students at the same level.  The staff was very knowledgeable and supportive throughout my education.  I had a great experience and received a wonderful education in BW's Athletic Training Education Program." - Jess

"The knowledge and experience I gained in the Athletic Training Education Program during my time at Baldwin Wallace University, not only prepared me for my future in the professional world, but gave me the life-skills to grow as a person and an athletic trainer.  The lessons learned and experience gained at BW continues to serve me both personally and professionally to this very day." - Rick



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