Health, Physical Education & Sport Sciences


Faculty and Staff Focus

"The academic atmosphere, quality of staff and students make my role as team physician a pleasure.  It's a privilege to be involved in the Athletic Training Education Program at Baldwin Wallace University"  -  Dr. John Bergfeld, Medical Director / Team Physician






"The Athletic Training Education Program at BW is so much more than a major, the clinical component and the continuous interaction with clinical instructors is a tremendous mentoring and experiential learning opportunity that inspires young men and women to develop and mature into outstanding individuals." - Professor Karyn Gentile, Program Director







"My experience here at BW is a unique one because I graduated from the Athletic Training Education Program and now I have the opportunity as a full-time staff member to lead students through the programs." - Andrea Rugley, Head Athletic Trainer, Approved Clinical Instructor









"I enjoy the small classroom environment.  It seems to promote a lot of individualized interaction which ultimately helps students develop critical thinking and practical athletic training skills." - Professor Jill Schubert, ATC, Approved Clinical Instructor





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