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Athletic Training Major - Program Admission and Requirements

Students seeking admission to the athletic training program must meet the requirements outlined below. 

First Year/Level I students may be omitted from the list of potential athletic training students (ATS) if all the requirements have not been met.  Furthermore, fulfilling all requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the Athletic Training Program. 


Determining factors include:

  • the success of Level I/First Year experience
  • meeting all academic prerequisites
  • completion of Level I/First Year Clinical Modules
  • professionalism
  • the number of students already enrolled in the athletic training  program.  The number of students admitted into the program varies from year-to-year. 

Application packets must be submitted by the end of the second semester following the completion of the below requirements.  Points are allotted for each section of the packet. A score of 119 out of the possible 143 is required for admittance.  Incomplete portions will result in a deduction of possible points. 

1. Athletic Training Program Application: (8 pts)

2. Documentation of Observation Requirements: 75 hours required during the course of the first year.

Observation hour logs are to be signed bi-monthly by the supervising preceptor. Students may accumulate no more than 25 hours off-campus and cannot begin accruing observation hours until after the first day of classes. Documented hours must be submitted to the Program Director at the conclusion of the Spring semester. (15 pts - partial points will not be awarded for observation hours totaling less than the required minimum of 75 hours)

3. Prerequisite Classes (points are calculated by taking the earned letter grades point value and multiplying it by 3 for the HPE/BIO prefix courses and by 2 for the PSY prefix course) 

Example: A in HPE 202 = 4.0 pts x 3= 12 pts. maximum number of points possible is 68 pts)

  • HPE 202- Principles of Athletic Training
  • HPE 205- First Aid and Safety
  • HPE 182- Introductory Practicum to Athletic Training
  • BIO 203- Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 204- Human Anatomy and Physiology II or HPE 206 Medical Terminology
  • PSY 110- Applications of Psychology

(Letter Grade Values: A+= 4.0, A = 4.0, A- = 3.667, B+ =3.333, B=3.0, B-=2.667, C+=2.333, C=2.0, C-=1.667, D+=1.333, D=1.0, D-=.667)

4. Overall Grade Point Average (GPA):

a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 for ALL attempted coursework is required.
applicants must earn a minimum grade of a  "C" in BIO 203 and 204 and
  • applicants must earn a  minimum of a "B" in HPE 202 and HPE 182
  • (points are calculated by multiplying overall GPA point value by 5: ex. GPA of 2.7 x 5= 13.5 pts; max. number of points is 20)

5.   The student must have current certification in emergency cardiac care.  Students will have the opportunity to earn this certification while taking HPE 205.  (1 pt)

6.   Proficiency Examination: date and time for this exam will be announced during the spring semester.  (8 maximum points possible  - the points allotted per question will vary depending on number of test question; ex: if 80 test questions each question is worth 0.1 pt: 65 correct answers = 6.5 pts)

7.   Completion of Three Recommendations to be filled out by a coach, athletic trainer, employer, high school teacher, counselor or college professor. The recommendations should come from a variety of individuals, excluding BW's athletic training staff. (5 pts per recommendation - 15 pts total)

8. A Level One/First Year Student Evaluation Form to be completed by one of BW's ATCs (5 pt)

10.  The student must be a designated Athletic Training Education Major (Students are permitted to double major) (1 pt)

11.  Student must have proof of completion of OSHA Blood-Borne Pathogen training- A training session will be offered during a COAST meeting (1 pt)

12.  The Technical Standard Form must be signed and submitted to the Program Director verifying understanding of physical, emotional and mental requirements of the program (1pt)

Students that score below 119 points will be further evaluated on the below criteria in order to provide an additional opportunity to obtain the minimum 119 required points:

  • Participation in the First Year meetings ( 1/2 meetings attended=2 pts, 3/4 meetings attended=3 pts, more than 3/4 meetings attended=4 pts)
  • Quality in which modules were completed (3 or less marginal scores=5 pts, no more than 7 marginal scores=3 points, no more than 11 marginal scores=1 point)
  • NATA Student Membership (1 pt)
  • Active member of COAST- cannot hold an office (1 pt per meeting)
Final score from the Level One/First Year Athletic Training Student Evaluation Form completed by a BW Staff ATC (Performance as well as most = 4 pts; better than most =5 pts, equaled by few =6 pts, better than almost all (top 2%) =7 pts. no points awarded for min. or unsatisfactory performance ratings)

Depending on number of applicants or special circumstances, interviews with two or more of the Athletic Training Education Program Faculty and Staff may be required for final admittance into the Athletic Training Education Program.

All applicants are notified in writing of their status of admission prior to the start of the new school year.  If the application to the clinical phase is rejected, the student has the opportunity to appeal the decision. 

The appeal must be made within two weeks after official notification and should be directed to the Health and Physical Education Division Chair with a copy forwarded to the Program Director. The student must submit all materials that may substantiate the appeal.

The student will then appear before an appeals committee (consisting of the Program Director, one member of the ATEP faculty, one member of the HPE faculty, and chaired by the HPE Division Chair.) A majority decision of the committee is necessary for the final decision.

The student will be notified, in writing, within one week of the committee's decision. If the appeal is granted, the student has opportunity to re-apply the following year. 

Immediate Requirements Once Admitted

Students must have an approved physical examination by one of BW's team physicians.  Times for physical will be announced.

 Proof of Hepatitis B vaccination (if needed, vaccination series may be obtained at the BW Health Center)

 Complete Vaccination Records

Admission into the Athletic Training Education Program is competitive, and only a limited number of students are selected each year.  Applications for the Athletic Training Education curriculum are reviewed during the second semester of the first year and screened by the Program Director, Athletic Training Faculty and on-campus clinical instructors. 

Non-Discriminatory Policy (Excerpt from the College Catalog)

Baldwin Wallace University does not discriminate because of race, creed, age, disabilities, national origin, gender or sexual orientation in the administration of its policies or programs.

Retention Policy

Students that are admitted into the Athletic Training Education Program will be evaluated each semester.  In order to advance to the next semester the following requirements must be met:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater: the first semester that a student's GPA falls below a 2.5 will result in academic and clinical probation at which time enrollment in the applicable practicum class as well as participation in clinical rotation will be revoked. An additional subsequent unsatisfactory GPA will result in dismissal from the ATEP. 
  • Completion of the practicum course requirements.  Students who fail to achieve a  passing practicum grade must repeat the practicum. 

The athletic training student is expected to attend classes on a regular basis. Please note that athletic training participation and voluntary team travel does not necessarily excuse a student from class. The student should notify the instructor of travel conflicts as early in the semester as possible and make arrangements to schedule any permissible "make-ups" prior to the absence. Also note that unless accompanying an ATC hours traveling as an Athletic Assistant do not count toward the minimum accruement of clinical hours. It is the Athletic Training Student's personal responsibility to seek academic advising/counseling and/or attend tutoring sessions when needed. 

Transfer Policy

Students interested in transferring into the ATEP at Baldwin Wallace University from other colleges/universities must follow all procedures for admission to the College as outlined in the College catalog. Successful candidates for admission typically submit credentials from colleges/universities accredited by one of the nation's six regional accrediting associations, have met the general admission requirements for first time students, and have earned a B average in their college/university course work.  Candidates should be in good academic, social, and financial standing at their previous institutions.  Students not in good standing at a previous institution may be considered for admission provided they have been out of school at least one full year prior to their proposed date of entrance. Transfer students must complete all of the First year/Level One outlined admission criteria requirements in order to be eligible for selection into the Athletic Training Education Program. Because of the accreditation requirements, the Baldwin Wallace University Athletic Training Education Program must guarantee that the student has learned and completed each of the established educational competencies upon completion of the major.  Therefore, the following Athletic Training Education coursework must be completed at BW unless otherwise determined by the Program Director: HPE 182, 202, 208, 281, 282, 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 381, 382, 481, 482, and BIO 203, 204. Please note that due to course sequencing required clinical rotation hours and the First Year/ Level One required selection process; transfer students should expect to be actively enrolled in BW's Athletic Training Education Program for a minimum of 3 full years.

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